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Haterade is funded by George Soros and written by Liz Cook, an award-losing writer based in Kansas City, Missouri. When she isn’t making garlic bread chapstick or discussing the merits of the appletini, Liz writes restaurant reviews and features for The Pitch. She also contributes to several other outlets as a freelance writer and is a frequent guest on KCUR, KC’s NPR affiliate.

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You can! If you want me to keep writing Haterade, you can Venmo me at @lizcookkc (or PayPal me here). If you want me to stop writing Haterade, you can request money from me at the same account names. I won’t send it to you, but I’ll get the message.

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Always! If you have any pressing food, drink, or tangentially related questions, email them to with the subject ‘MAILBAG.’ I try to answer as many as I can.

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Liz Cook

A writer who eats several meals a week.