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First time reading anything from you- and I absolutely love your writing style. Looking forward to going through your other articles.

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Hi Liz! Long time, first time, Bed-Stuy resident.

I think you'd really dig Wonderville, which is a bar filled with console games and a hot dog menu inspired by video games, which are dreamed up by a pal of mine, full disclosure. Jenn de la Vega (@randwiches) is a genius AND a sweetie pie. It's on the Bed Stuy/Bushwick border.

The nicest neighborhood place is Hart's. The bar next door is Glorietta Baldy and wonderful, also a place where the dogs range freely. The coffee shop across the street from the aforementioned spots is Calaca, they have an above average breakfast burrito. Ursula, south of there in Crown Heights, has a James Beard nomination and legit great breakfast burritos but you will have to wait up to one (1) hour in line for them, ymmv. But if you are there don't skip anything in the pastry case. I tried to go geographically and failed, but Doris down the street from the first three places (not proximal to Ursula) has a good happy hour, backyard, and opportunity to eavesdrop on everyone else's Tinder dates. Down the street from Doris is Otway, which is peak Brooklyn but also decent oyster happy hour in the neighborhood. Next to Otway is their bakery, home of an elusive but incredible Portuguese egg tart/pasteis de nata. Fan-Fan has very good donuts (don't sleep on the glazed twist, or the Boston cream). Try a doubles while you're in town; I like A&A but any Caribbean place won't steer you wrong.

Place des Fêtes is bad, actually. However, June is good.

Grand Army is not in Bed Stuy/Clinton Hill but they also have a fairly reasonable oyster happy hour and the quarterly thematic cocktail menu is currently Spice Girls. Long Island Bar is Toby Cecchini's joint and has excellent burger, Martini, gimlet, zinc bar. Across the way is Montero('s) a longshoreman's bar with incredible weekend karaoke.

Fingers, toes, eyes, kidneys crossed the new Superiority Burger restaurant will be ready by the time you arrive. Blue and Gold is one of many great Ukrainian dives in the East Village, Sly Fox is another. It's too fucking far away but if I could change anything about New York, it would be locating Mama's Too (square pizza, get the pear or wait until the pear out of the oven, on the Upper West Side) next door to me. If you find yourself up there for whatever reason, there are very good bread based stops, at Absolute Bagel (you must order a Thai tea) and the Hungarian Pastry Shop.

The West Village is a hellhole but I deeply regret to confirm that sitting on the patio (it's the sidewalk) and drinking a cocktail at Via Carota is incredible. If your investigations take you to Dimes Square, Bar Belly's happy hour (surprise, oysters are involved) is MAYBE the best deal in the city. Michaeli Bakery on Division over there is far superior to Mel.

AND THEN THERE'S QUEENS. I've gone on for too long already, but am more than happy to answer any questions or come up with even more suggestions. Enjoy your visit, and please keep us updated on wherever you end up trying!

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I got to hang out with a Finn and an expat American married to a Finn at Anime Expo in LA this year and I can't wait to ask them about this. My family includes a Swedish branch, but they are quite boring compared to the Finnish.

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I can definitely relate. First time visiting MO in a long time. Three days of this heat/humidity, and I, too, have developed a ~dewy sheen~ despite proper refrigeration. Cheers!

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This is so similar to New England "Indian pudding" I wonder now if a Finn invented it.

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All I got from Dutch Duolingo is the knowledge that 'Duo is een uil' which is pronounced exactly "Duo is an owl," and an unnatural dislike for anyone named Saskia.

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I don't have much new to offer for NYC suggestions, but I what I can say is that a trip to NYC would not be complete without a visit to "Welcome to the Johnsons."

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Tried to Venmo dubious desserts but it asks for last four digits of phone number

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